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Try your best to steer away from steam

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Try your best to steer away from steam Empty Try your best to steer away from steam

Post  Guest on Thu Oct 06, 2011 6:24 pm

Its a shame you couldn't fix your own error, or that my account got hacked due to weak Steam/Valve security protocol. I hope all of your staff understands what can of worms you just cracked into. Do you really think your going to con an adult into being OK with this result, right now as your reading this letter you wont think twice about what you have just started, only in the near future will you realize your ratings drop followed by dropping sales, fueled by angry gamers, and in the end leading to just another not so in style gaming utility STEAM, steam the one's who work against the gamer, Steam only caring about getting rich and being in control of your games. Accusing users of hacks and foul play when they cant tell you how,when,where,who or why there was a vac Ban, but we the gamers ,buyer and owner are supposed to just say oh well there is nothing we can do, by by $50 game...... no i don't think so, the time is now ,its clear that steam and valve's security is not always accurate, want proof search google for "Valve Addresses 12,000 Erroneous MW2 Steam Bans, Gives Free Left 4 Dead 2" thats only the start gamers need to understand that there games and account might not be safe using, purchasing, or activating games using any steam powered related application. Maybe what I'm stating has some Rage against steam but i can assure you one million other gamers feel the same, without gamers there is no steam. even if there was a hack on someones account, Get over it Valve, Get Over it Steam, it happends youl never stop cheaters and hackers, and all of us non-cheaters and non-hackers have accepted this fact THEY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE stop giving players false hope of hack free gaming, stop disabling our games on false accusations and ill legit vac banns, if your cheat detection software was so accurate than how do you explain all of the hacked lobby's still in mw2 when using steam did you ever think that a hacked MW2 lobby taints all of the unwilling victims/players game, crushing there competitive game play experience. Have you ever herd the statement "customers are always right" no i forgot your company is to big to care about us as individuals, but like i said you forget WE MADE YOU we gave your staff there paychecks, we pay your power bill you dont pay ours, steam isn't even cutting edge anymore we are only still here because some of our awesome games are trapped in a steam prison if your like me and actually put your trust in them. all it would take is for me to say hey gamer dont use steam bro use bla bla and dont activate with steam or buy from steam and then it starts over a course of a few years one becomes two and two becomes four then clan by clan it spreads globally and maybe ON live will replace you, or maybe Orgin personally i favor EA there always the real OG's keepin it real clean and simple but yet keeping up to date peace out support crew you can keep that worthless Mw2 account you stole it from me after i payed for it, now for the rest of its time it will sit unplayed, never to be purchased again, i could just use a friends account but the hate i have for steam stings and you have failed to satisfy one more gamer.

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