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Ideas on this idea?

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Ideas on this idea? Empty Ideas on this idea?

Post  Radioactivep90 on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:09 am

Taking my home wireless router and keeping it at its highest transmiting rate and seeing if i can setup another router at work to accept it? its almost exactly one mile to work not a big town lol but its a Netgear WNR3500. and i have the wireless set up to 300mbps

Select the wireless mode you want to use. The options are:

* Up to 54 Mbps. Legacy Mode, with a maximum speed of up to 54 Mbps for b/g networks.
* Up to 145 Mbps. Neighbor-Friendly Mode, the default, with a speed of up to 145 Mbps in the presence of neighboring wireless networks.
* Up to 300 Mbps. Performance Mode, with a maximum Wireless-N speed of up to 300 Mbps.

The default is Up to 145 Mbps, which allows all 11b and 11g and 11n wireless stations.

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Ideas on this idea? Empty Re: Ideas on this idea?

Post  G4L-Forest on Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:47 pm

I know this is an old zombie post BUT as i was clearing out old threads i came across this nice little peace of a post and it must go on.....

  The answer to this question is simple... yes you can connect to a router a mile away and if you don't have many obstacles like trees or buildings you can send and receive a wifi connection from about 9 miles for under $200 and a little DIY elbow grease. You can achieve this in many different types of configurations but for simplicity sake i keep it short and sweet.

Building a Long range Wifi Bridge

you will need two routers, one named WORK and one named HOME, also make sure they have wifi bridge functionality ..."most do for around $50 each" also make sure they are both (N) type network compatible. MAKE SURE THEY HAVE REMOVABLE ANTENNA also look on ebay for a good wifi amplifier and a Bi Quad wifi antenna.

STEP 1 - Install router named WORK at your workplace(1 mile away)
STEP 2 - Install router named HOME at home and setup wifi bridge mode inside of routers control panel.
STEP 3 - unscrew your HOME routers antenna and install your wifi amplifier to your routers antenna terminals then install your Biquad antenna to your wifi amplifier.

you can achieve immense long range wifi doing this and if you need more range just install a wifi amplifier and bi-quad antenna on your WORK router as well if your the bass that is.

Notes. buy your wifi antenna and amplifier that meets your needs as the variety of both is large decide if you want your antenna inside or outside big or small do your research and in the end will pay off with having a really cool and powerful wifi network "maybe make a free hot spot for your neighborhood"

(OPTIONAL lol)Don't buy cheap junk routers

(OPTIONAL)Try making a Bi quad antenna its really easy

(OPTIONAL)use any decommissioned satellite dish this help a heap strength to your signal too


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