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Post  Radioactivep90 on Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:45 pm


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Post  DeadGirL on Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:36 pm

Your a Leader SHUT THE HELL UP LOL Smile

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Post  Guest on Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:21 pm

Woot woot dont be mad man once we weeded out the fucking retards you where back in your rightfull leader spot alot of stuff hit the fan when u left me and dead worked day and night on new stuff for members and half of them spit in our face there was a point when me and dead almost said fuck this where out but as time went on we kept at it, everything is alot better now not as busy BUT way more mellow and laid back like things should be i hope you dont stay pissed at me Jake as a friend i made you member for your own good at the time of war fair i was just a little pissed my homie was leaving for 4 years, maybe it was stupidity but all aside before i even knew you where done with the navy you where back in your spot IL explain when u come also you will literally shat your pants when i tell you what I'm secretly working on MUAHAHAHA finally my latenight nerd powers have paid off it sucks that the Navy wasn't the place you, but we are all here waiting for ya man me,dead, and Orin have been working of different map mod and modeling projects and your the one we need in private IL tell you what I'm working on and actually you will really literally
shat inside and outside of your pants rofl..... so much to say and i hate typing
but the clan is doing good even tho MyDyn started some lame ass Forest Protest bullshit Mydyn is a bitch,Mezmer is a bitch long story short beer left in peace cuz of mydyn but is still our friend haxx is still in and many others are doing better than ever now that the crybaby bitch made ungrateful ass clowns
are gone, i wasn't trying to be a dick Jake just got caught in a stress ball PUFFBALLSSSSSSS BITCH!!!!! ROFL cant wait for your return.

Noone ever gave up on you your hair is still in my front yard no joke shit hit the fan for a while and now its all good your leader im leader dead is leader and wolf.....just get your face into TS when u read this Smile

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