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Safty Protocol 2

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Safty Protocol 2 Empty Safty Protocol 2

Post  Radioactivep90 on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:26 am


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Safty Protocol 2 Empty Re: Safty Protocol 2

Post  DeadGirL on Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:32 pm

Umm Radio, You better check yourself Foo...You didnt exactly spell worth a crap niether . I see misspelling's like they glow. So next time you want to call someone out for spelling error's, Make sure your own shit's right Smile

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Safty Protocol 2 Empty King Koopa

Post  Guest on Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:08 pm

Yeah i suck at spelling you know me good ol forest,..... I wanna say this now before there is some kind of misunderstanding - Mezmer is a bitch and removed hisself,Mydyn couldnt make up his mind if he was in g4l or out of g4l so we removed his ass. Not to mention him and Dead's spat.... I dont need to explain shit to anyone .IM THE HEAD NUKKA and thats how it will always be. But I will explain cuz your my friend. I dont have to lie,hide or mask shit beacuse noone can do shit about it on that note. I want to say this, ive been working my cock off on this clan lately and I have the right to say or do as i please, I dont power trip I dont need to if I want someone gone u know me I will ear rape them and ban them. With the work of members who care we have made G4L a fun and relaxing place once more.

- You all know me and when i get pissed i snap the fuck off

-Members that want to be a pain in me,Dead, or your ass are gone. Do you have any idea how fucking dumb mezmer is? He is all wacked out on depression pills and went off the deep end me on the otherhand i got back on my adhd med's and cant drink anymore and havent in weeks, all i do is focus on making our group awesome.

- HandBanana well he is good friends with mezmer and mydyn so yeah think about it he still comes in randomly but who knows how he feels ???

-Mezmer is a doosh little spoiled mommys girl. I started making him his own site,youtube, ect and then the fuckface rage quits the clan and changes a teamspeak channel to some dumb shit noone cares about .In his mind he thinks me and Dead are drunks that hate our kids ROFL yeah ok (sorry these kids dont know how to get down on some drank here and thier PUSSY's)

-Mydyn removed hisself in a way. He got into it with Dead (BIG MISTAKE) and me and her both senced some negativity ,so we asked him if he in or out. He couldnt make up his mind and by that point I was so fuckn hot I said fuck his stupid ass, fuckin lame actualy think having a gmod server is BIG Dogg shit LMAO ITS JUST A $20 SERVER that anyone could buy, but his server failed on top of that cuz you know how smart he is.

-I care about my friends

-I will shit talk my friends if they act like Rtard ass kids or piss me off, Im normal! What the fuck did they think I was gunna do im a leader. I dont play that "ohh please be in my clan" it should be a honor being in G4L not some fucking Chore.

-If someone dosnt like me ,well eat a dick and leave I go so far out of my way to help anyone who needs it.

-I have to to make decisions based on what i feel member's want.

-The drama is over. Dont let drama back into G4L i will eliminate the source of any drama related bullshit!!!! no questions asked ....

-We missed you Jake but dont forget we are grown ass adult's. I know your hopped up fresh outta bootcamp but dont get crazy i will not hesitate in jamming my foot in a puffball!

-I told you why I moved you to member status i was pissed , you didnt hang with us hardcore before u left you w.o.w. fested away from us all and popped in here and there. Bro u didnt even sign up for the forum's until bugged and didnt even know they exsisted.

-your my friend we will talk soon - Forest

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Safty Protocol 2 Empty Re: Safty Protocol 2

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