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Thanks Orin

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Thanks Orin Empty Thanks Orin

Post  Synful on Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:59 pm

OK, so check it out - I suck as a sniper on MW2. I'm so bad at it I get hit and killed from my own bullets.

So I got Orin to go to a Private match and show me some of the snipe spots on a few maps. I didn't know of some of these "top spots".

So I leave out and join a real game and the map is Estate ... A Map I like anyways but now I come in as sniper with the Beret 50 cal and a silencer.

Boom we spawn in below the house (The BIG house) and I hoof it over to some cover Orin showed me. WOW here comes a Noob tubing ..... Aim .... Steady ..... pop HEAD SHOT! then I run over to Orin spot #2 and wait .... Whoa here comes a sniper being all covert ...... Aim .... Steady .... Pop ... Pop Head shot! I'm like NICE! blush'n and all. So I dart over to a cool spot I found. I'm in position .... here come two noob combatants I'm hiding my Pink city cammo knee highs. I'm like sweet "Two kills and they don't even know it" So I set up, Fire one shot and drop hommie .... Fire and pick off his buddy fire again and kill em WooT! here comes my Sentry gun! (GUrl Power Baby! PMS back atcha!)

The next two kills come via knife and I'm laying prone and some enemy sniper crawls right past me - can't give that up. so I'm F2F with him and I cut his insignia off his hat! then close to the end of the game I cut some noob after I track em down.

All in all I was 7 kills 2 assists 5 kills by sniper 1 assist by sniper. Orin I owe you a debt of gratitude! Thank you! Was my best ever sniper round - Next 10 matches I was so bad people were begging me to stay dead.

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Thanks Orin Empty Re: Thanks Orin

Post  TriaD on Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:49 pm

Wow sounds sexy, I swear my gun moved

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Thanks Orin Empty Re: Thanks Orin

Post  DeadGirL on Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:26 pm

lol! lol! lol! TriaD


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Thanks Orin Empty Re: Thanks Orin

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