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Clan G4L Now OWN's its own Server Station

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Clan G4L Now OWN's its own Server Station Empty Clan G4L Now OWN's its own Server Station

Post  G4L-Forest on Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:14 pm

Hello friends, fans and members Forest here with some exciting Group news on the 2/17/2014 i personally picked up our new server station from Fedex... its a 90 pound monster. With the help of Mike AKA Quadro and after many hours of us troubleshooting sas drives, raid configurations and so on the server is now operational with a fresh install of Windows server 2008 the server has an arsenal of four YES 4 quadcore xeon 2.4 cpu's, 32 gig's or ram hot swappable drives quad lan card, dual power supplys one as a failsafe.

Quadro and myself will be working on gameserver config's for the server and will keep you posted on our progress and if you feel you have helpfull tips and or knowledge please feel free to give us a yell in teamspeak, also so my knowledge as we speak mezmer is rounding up a tech team for Garry's mod and MineCraft among other things.

I would like to give a special pat on the back and an extra shout out to Mezmer and Quadro, Mezmer a long time member and friend keep up the awesome work your help is greatly appreciated, and Quadro even tho your one of our newer members you have blazed past ranks and surpassed many with you tech skillz we are proud and honored to have you aboard the G4L Crew hope you stay for many years to come.....

This is Forest signing out for now, Play Hard Or Die Trying!!!!!!!!!!

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