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G4L Server Updates!!!! 2/20/2014

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G4L Server Updates!!!!    2/20/2014 Empty G4L Server Updates!!!! 2/20/2014

Post  G4L-Forest on Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:06 am

Hi guys Forest and dead here with an amazing update, Our Server station is up and running online currently we are hosting 20 yes 20 call of duty 4 modernwarfare server all online and added to gametracker.com and our site, 20 cod4 servers and its only useing 2% cpu usage LOLZ!!!!!!

also our server station has its own dedicated Ip, modem, and bandwith so my game play and or torrenting will not interfear with server's bandwith via different ip address of course. Member please feel free to gamer server requests we have plenty-O-Station to go around. well ive been working on this around the clock without sleep so im logging off now btw TS has been down, this was not an accident and was a planned even ts will be back up and remaining up thanks guys for all the support and help take care...... Play Hard Or Die Trying!!!!!!

Here's a video of when i first picked up the server station and hooked up the basic's Thanks for the help quadro.

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