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Become your own regisrar ?

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Become your own regisrar ? Empty Become your own regisrar ?

Post  G4L-Forest on Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:43 pm

Want to Be Your Own Registrar? MyRebel.com's Registrar Leasing Business Gives You A New Option
By Ron Jackson

With the constant increase in domain values, you are seeing more and more domain experts advising those with large portfolios to become their own registrar - especially now that many registrars are essentially competing with their own customers to acquire and hold

domain assets. By becoming a registrar - with yourself as the sole customer - you can enjoy a level of security for your assets and management control that others can only dream of.

MyRebel.com CEO Dave Chiswell

Dave Chiswell, CEO of Ottawa , Canada-based MyRebel.com, noted that the value of large portfolios can be greatly impacted by events outside the control of the registrant. “The risk of incomplete WhoIs data, a wrong email address, or the distraction of managing a large portfolio across too many registrars, have recently confirmed the need to move not only to a centrally controlled solution, but one that includes control of the registrar,” Chiswell said.

The problem has always been that becoming an ICANN accredited registrar is an expensive proposition. In preparation for this article I spoke with a friend who recently set up their own registrar operation. Between the

cost of the credential and the cost of licensing management software (or having it custom built as most major registrars do) the outlay to start up is likely to run between $50,000-$70,000, plus annual dues of another $8,000 every year.

At the recently concluded ICANN meeting in Los Angeles there were also discussions indicating that ICANN will make it considerably more difficult to become an accredited registrar (including a possible change to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement that would require anyone purchasing an existing registrar to successfully go through the accreditation process themselves in order to keep the credential).

For those who want to function as their own registrar but have been unable or unwilling to make the sizeable upfront cash outlay, MyRebel.com is the first company to offer a turnkey alternative to buying and setting up your own registrar operation. Their solution is a leasing program that allows you to control a registrar dedicated entirely to you at a flat monthly rate with no other upfront costs.

The new service features a user-friendly interface with a log file that details all domain operations. Users have the power to execute on any command – from registration to deletion to transfer – and My Rebel said this provides the highest level of security as no names can be adjusted without the user’s approval. Lessees can also easily execute bulk operations, such as getting the auth codes for all of their domains at once. The main page a lessee sees when they log into their account is shown in the screen capture below.

To help lessees handle any issues that arise from managing their own registrar, each lessee is supported by a dedicated account representative. For example, when you are ready to transfer your domains into your new registrar, your rep will handle the task and get the domains moved in for you. If you have problems with an un-cooperative registrar who tries to make it difficult for you to leave, MyRebel said your rep will also deal with them and get any problems resolved.

Lessees will connect directly with the .com, .net, .org and .info registries. No other extensions are supported at this time but MyRebel plans to add support for others as soon as possible with .mobi and .eu the next to be added, followed by .biz and .us. The company can provide you with a time line for when extensions you are interested in are likely to be added.

Jason Lavigne, MyRebel's Manager of Business Development, said "MyRebel.com allows you to control an ICANN accredited registrar for your exclusive use. Upon signing a contract with MyRebel.com, the lessee would receive a set of login credentials for MyRebel.com which acts as a secure web portal directly into the registry. No one else would have access to that registrar, only the lessee would have access to the domains being managed. This is the highest form of security a domain owner can get."

Lavigne added "With MyRebel.com you also never have to worry about another one of your domains deleting or being sold to someone else because you forgot to renew. Every domain at the registry is auto renewed, so as long as there are funds in your registrar account your domains will always renew. The only way that one of your domains could be deleted would be if you purposely issued a delete command against the domain."

Jason Lavigne, MyRebel.com
Manager of Business Development

"Perhaps best of all, you are paying registry prices (currently $6.42 for .com plus a 20-cent ICANN fee) instead of retail prices. Your financial transactions are between you and the registry directly. The only additional fees to your registry transactions would be your MyRebel.com leasing fee which would be a monthly fee that will be determined by a portfolio analysis and contract negotiation."

For those who want more price guidance before they invest time in exploring the MyRebel.com option, Lavigne said, "the leasing fee is determined by the size of the portfolio being managed and the type of domains owned. The approximate leasing fee will be $3,000 a month, but there is some flexibility in this so those interested should contact us for final pricing."

The "type" of domains that could result in higher pricing are those that could be trademark sensitive, typos, etc. Lavigne said "Typos and TM's will have a higher leasing fee as these types of domains receive UDRP's and WIPO's and those cause additional overhead costs with our legal department. While the lessee is responsible for responding to those challenges we will train them in the proper way to respond. We would also have to make sure that they are responding properly and that the registrar is in good legal standing"

The MyRebel.com crew has had a high profile at recent domain conferences. This shot is
from their exhibit at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East conference in Hollywood, Florida last month.

So where is MyRebel.com getting the registrar credentials they are offering for lease? MyRebel is a division of Canada's Momentous Corporation, a well-known domain conglomerate that over the years has built up a large stable of registrars, most of which are used by other company divisions including Pool.com, NameScout.com and Rebel.com (the registrar the MyRebel program was named after). A limited number of those credentials are being made available for the MyRebel program and those that are leased will no longer be available for use by any other Momentous division.

MyRebel does not allow you to provide registration services to other customers. The purpose of the program is give professional portfolio owners a way to control their own registrar and domain names. Also, if you are thinking about leasing one of their registrars to attempt to catch drops on your own, that wouldn't be an option as the leased registrar's credentials do not provide access to the drop pool.

Under current registry rules, you can however engage in catch and release domain tasting. Within 5 days of registering domains (and seeing whether or not they have any existing traffic) you can issue a delete command through your registrar to get a credit for the domains you decide to let go.

To get a closer look at how MyRebel's registrar interface system worked, I took up an offer from Lavigne to provide a live online demo. He will do the same thing for you (and also send you a detailed Question and Answer document on the program) - just email your request to Jason at MyRebel.com or call 1-613-768-5153.

Lavigne said the system was custom built from scratch to make management as simple as possible and it is indeed a very slick system, one that would obviously be expensive to duplicate if you bought your own registrar and had to build or buy your own interface software. I found it to be a very intuitive process with all functions and commands easy to execute. The three screen shots below show you some of the page layouts and controls in the MyRebel interface.

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