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Serious Help Needed

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Serious Help Needed Empty Serious Help Needed

Post  DeadGirL on Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:30 pm

Ok..So im running like Macintosh for an OS lol...No but it may as well be. Anyway's this sad sad machine is so slow with the Sim's 3 (which is like my chocolate once a month when I need it). It literally takes me 30 minutes if not longer to load the game. Once i get all loaded up it's like a baby deciding on his own when to take that step lol. I set my Crappy Nvidea Card to it's lowest possible setting's. I got nothing Sad....I set my game's visual option's all to the lowest. If I could play now there wouldnt be any reflection's ,the grass and tree's would look like flubber and when I looked into the mirror ...there wouldnt be any reflection (Vampire).Some how I am using more Ram than my computer even has when I start the game...Virtual Ram I guess.I cant play The Sims 2 either though..So i guess I shouldnt have had such great expectation's.Then I thought to myself...Sim's 2 has like 13 expansion's to it and Sim's 3 only has 4 expansion's plus 3 stuff pack's.The spec's on the Sim's 3 game are lower than what my Pc could handle.Basically what I want to know is if there is something I could do to make my game load faster? I dont care about Flubber tree's or Grass Goop...I just want to play the game . I have every expansion and all the stuff pack's.
If someone know's something please enlighten me!

I can play Call Of Duty 4 just fine.
Call Of Duty 5 World At War..Not sure..I am assuming I could play that game since the visual's are less than Call Of Duty 4.
I cannot play Black Op's or atleast I dont think Ive never tried.
BC2 isnt gonna happen.
BC3 definantly not.
WoW I can Play.
MW2 who know's and who cares.

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