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ActiVision On Bullshit

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ActiVision On Bullshit Empty ActiVision On Bullshit

Post  G4L-Forest on Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:32 am

Hello all, Forest here with a Activision "cod4" Call of duty modern warfare update: Ahh the master server issue as we all know cod4 have a "master server issue" that activision is "working on" i would like you all to know that they may or may not fix the issue BUT what i do know is that it is an easy fix, 1st if you host your server or pay for hosting they do the real task they do the computing, the master server only gathers "server info".....the game was made to report server information to the master and relay that information to the "server list" aka the users.... this is a choke out tactic from Activision to kill off COD4 even if they decide to bring back the master server by then it will have chased a large chunk of players away from cod4 and into spending money on newer COD titles the cod master server really dose not do the HEAVY computing only small text document sized computations per server to be added to the list and update them as needed ..... NOW anyone could become the master server BUT the game was coded so that if you host a server no matter "BILLYBOB" or "Gamer servers.com" it will report server information to ACTIVISIONS master server SO if we form a COD4 NEW master server we would have to console in and change where the game looks and send its Server information too and have a new "Master server", easy all their master server is, is MAYBE a power edge worth $400 anyone that wants to try and tech talk me then bring it i will CUT YOU DOWN WITH A SINGLE REPLY!!!!!....... Activision even tho i play a DERP ton of COD titles is on MONSTER BULLSHIT!!!!! i once hosted over 70 active cod4 servers from a single power edge server and the master server only needs to do 1/10000 of the work I'm telling you gamers there on Bullshit and I'm going to make my own master server so everyone can have there lists back youl just have to change where your server reports to and where you game looks for it COMING SOON ACTIVISION SO WHAT THE FUCK NOW!!!!!

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