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Admin Abuse

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Admin Abuse  Empty Admin Abuse

Post  Larry_The_Moron on Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:06 pm

Hello Forest

We keep having this conversation about the children that have admin privilege on your server , It gets better , This time instead of accusing me of hacking this admin decided to accuse me of harrasing the server .. Not sure how you do that ,,, How Exactly does a person harass a server. If you look at the screen shot you can tell he was was really mad about getting shot by me .. I think he was more upset about getting owned by me then any harrassment .... And besides if you were to check the chat logs for the server and look to see who and how I was harrassing server you would get a good laugh .. Psss .. I wasnt harrasing any one .. So This admin bans me from server for no reason other then he's butthurt ... Very Mature .. Well Im off .. Im gonna go post the video on you tube of the shot that harrassed DeathStrake

https://i.imgur.com/RplCn0H.jpg cheers Basketball

Thanks Forest

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Admin Abuse  Empty Re: Admin Abuse

Post  Pestslayer on Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:13 pm

I was banned as well due to cheat o meter stats. HA HA HA too funny as this account was my other one in which I play only TDM and my other account has over 2000 hours on it so you don't think someone can be good at the game with that time put into it? I have never had a gui ban or punkbuster ban etc etc both of my accounts are active and in good standing. I just happened to record the round and it is posted on my youtube channel. Search for Pestslayer and you can see for yourself that I do not cheat

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